EUREKA, Mo. – The owner of Brookdale Farms in Eureka said a website is selling tickets to a ‘fake’ event that is not scheduled at his venue.

Jerry Kirk, Brookdale Farms owner, said one of his employees showed him an event online that alleged a lantern festival would be happening at his venue Saturday, Sept. 18.

Kirk said there’s no event like this scheduled at Brookdale Farms and he is concerned whoever is behind this is scamming people out of their money.

“We don’t believe this is a legitimate event and if it is, it certainly isn’t here,” Kirk said. “We have not talked to anybody, there is no event scheduled for here at all.”

Tickets can be purchased for up to $300 on the website, which Kirk said is concerning. 

“I hate to see anybody be scammed and we certainly don’t want them using our place to scam people,” he said. “I’m really concerned that people are going to show up here with tickets thinking there is going to be an event on that evening and there really isn’t.”

Kirk said he has tried to contact the alleged event through the email listed, but can’t get through to anyone. 

“We have reached out and get no response,” he said.

Fox 2’s Zara Barker also emailed the company at the email listed on the website. After she sent the email, an immediate response said the email could not be delivered.

Kirk said they’ve had people call Brookdale Farms and ask about the event, “of course we told them there’s no event.”

He said they have held a Lantern Festival at Brookdale Farms in years past, but said the company that hosted the ‘real’ events has since gone out of business. 

“They were a legit company in business that unfortunately fell on hard times and went out of business,” he said.

Now, he thinks someone is using their logo, wording, and information to try and get people to buy tickets for an event that isn’t happening. 

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